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Your practice can adapt with patients’ needs. Join us in putting the patient back in patient care by learning how you can build your practice to directly impact patients’ lives.

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Deliver personalized direct pay primary care for your patients’ entire family—at an affordable price. The Practice believes visiting a doctor should occur on their own terms.

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The Practice offers patients quality?and quantity. We are proud to offer comprehensive and personalized medical care that is transforming patients? lives.

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Spend no more time in crowded waiting rooms. There is a concierge medical professional in your area waiting for you.


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Throughout his medical career of over 30 years, Dr. Jan Mensink has found countless innovative ways to help patients. During that time, he witnessed way too many people denied medical coverage by insurance companies and government medical programs. Inevitably, this resulted in untreated ailments and prolonged sickness. This has infuriated Dr. Mensink and he was determined to fix it.


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Concierge Medical Care, or Direct Pay Family Practice Doctors, are a powerful option for you and your family to get personalized care from your doctor, as often as you need to get healthy and stay healthy! You get great medical care from our family practice doctors in Bakersfield for a low monthly membership fee.



Bakersfield being a major venue for medium size conferences there are a variety of places to stay during your training with The Practice. Partial List all within 10 minutes of The Practice and Downtown Bakersfield.

Welcome to The Practice

The Practice started as a vision of one doctor, Dr. Jan Mensink who desired to provide quality affordable health care to patients. As a neurosurgeon and emergency care doctor he saw the long-term effects on patients who fell between affording insurance and qualifying for government medical plans. Many had simple medical issues which became critical over time due to inability to see a doctor on a regular basis. The vision to provide quality affordable health care developed into a viable plan which included patients having a personal physician and providing discounts for ancillary services.

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Dr. Jan Mensink

Dr. Jan Mensink

Growing up in British Columbia Dr. Jan Mensink had no idea he would become a doctor. The route to Personalized Concierge Medical Care was not what one would expect. After attending one of Canada’s top medical schools in Edmonton Alberta he found himself in Florida where he became Board Certified in Family Practice. Dr. Mensink discovered he liked the challenge of Emergency Medicine, and spent tens of thousands of hours working in emergency rooms in both high and low income sections of Los Angeles. It was at this time his idea of a concierge Family Practice began to take form.

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