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The Practice started as a vision of one doctor, Dr. Jan Mensink who desired to provide quality affordable health care to patients. As a neurosurgeon and emergency care doctor he saw the long-term effects on patients who fell between affording insurance and qualifying for government medical plans. Many had simple medical issues which became critical over time due to inability to see a doctor on a regular basis. The vision to provide quality affordable health care developed into a viable plan which included patients having a personal physician and providing discounts for ancillary services.

Today The Practice is a classic reproduction of medical care fifty -sixty years ago. Our patients are our friends and our doctors have time to treat the whole person, whether it be taking care of daily aches and pains, metabolic issues, basic in-office procedures or triaging more serious struggles.

The Practice model is simple we have removed insurance from our office, translating into no billing overhead, the ability to spend more time with our patients, coding issues are eliminated and no concerns regarding insurance cash-flow.

The Practice is actively looking for doctors who long to return to a less complicated structure than today’s medical business model. Doctors who enjoy time with their patients and the reward of seeing them through health issues, all at an affordable fee. If this describes you click the “contact button” and provide us with your contact information. We will be pleased to contact you and discuss opportunity available at The Practice.

Jan Mensink, M.D.

Our Team

Dr. Jan Mensink

Dr. Jan Mensink

Growing up in British Columbia Dr. Jan Mensink had no idea he would become a doctor. The route to Personalized Concierge Medical Care was not what one would expect. After attending one of Canada’s top medical schools in Edmonton Alberta he found himself in Florida where he became Board Certified in Family Practice. Dr. Mensink discovered he liked the challenge of Emergency Medicine, and spent tens of thousands of hours working in emergency rooms in both high and low income sections of Los Angeles. It was at this time his idea of a concierge Family Practice began to take form.

Dr. Mensink then spent almost five years in Neurosurgery Residency followed by ten years in that specialty in Bakersfield California. In 2010 Dr. Mensink found himself thinking about his dream of assisting those individuals who neither qualified for insurance or government medical programs. It was at that time he started “The Practice” a personalized direct pay primary care medical practice which draws on all his specialties with a focus on family practice. Dr. Mensink describes the goal of The Practice, “Providing cost effective quality care in a concierge environment.” Dr. Mensink’s personal goal is: “To change the paradigm of primary health care in a way which makes medicine rewarding for doctors and gives patients an opportunity to receive the quality care they deserve.”

Leasa Engel

Leasa Engel

Leasa Engel counts business development, sales, and project management as her core competencies. Her background includes developing new markets for Motorola Information Systems, Western Union, and the Kern Economic Development Corporation. Her sales experience includes national sales awards, multi-million sales and managing high-end system sales. Leasa has brought together government entities, private corporations and communities to target needs and implement strategies which accomplished the desired results. Her experience in advertising enables her to refine the targeted audience and methods for reaching them.

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