The Structure of Success


For patients, The Practice is a revolutionary medical care facility helping them achieve optimum health. For doctors, The Practice is a return to their original role of “healer”. For franchisees, The Practice is a life-changing business helping them achieve long term personal, professional, and financial goals.

With those goals in mind, we created The Practice... a franchise system that incorporates a simplified membership based medical office business model with concierge level of healthcare. As an owner of The Practice, you will offer different tiers of pre-paid medical memberships to cover all of your patients’ basic medical needs. Our proprietary membership programs eliminate the need for insurance reimbursements. As a result, overhead and operating costs are drastically reduced compared to a traditional medical office. Your staff will be able to actually practice medicine rather than spend precious hours processing insurance and billing paperwork. Consequently, your doctors will be uninhibited by the “insurance time-clock” and can spend more quality time with their patients, introducing a new level of concierge care. Patients will have unlimited access to their physician and enjoy greatly reduced waiting times.

As part of our commitment to medical care that anyone can afford, we go far beyond the traditional healthcare model. As a franchisee, you will have the ability to administer traditional medical treatments integrated with alternative medical treatments. These treatments, such as vitamin supplements, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and nutritional counseling fall outside the realm of conventional medicine and can provide patients with an even more comprehensive approach to wellness.

Plus, you will be able to offer your patients other services traditionally not offered in primary care medical offices such as:

  • Health Education Classes
  • Stress Counseling
  • ADHD Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Walk-In Availability
  • In-office Procedures
  • Limited Urgent Care
  • Depression Counseling
  • Testosterone Treatments
  • And much more!

Primary Care is only the beginning!

The medical treatments offered in your office open the door to other streams of income. In most primary care medical offices, the sale and rental of medical equipment is traditionally outsourced to third-party vendors. We have streamlined this process to make it a lucrative source of income for you!

Just like other primary care facilities, your medical office will also be able to refer patients for more specialized treatment. We have developed a proven system to help you build a network of specialists who will offer their services to your patients at significantly reduced out-of-pocket prices. This allows your patients access to specialists that they previously couldn’t see or couldn’t afford.

As a franchise owner, The Practice provides limitless opportunities to create multiple revenue streams with your business.

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