Why Choose The Practice?


Franchisees choose The Practice for the same reason our patients do. The Practice is a proven system that makes medical care simple, cost-effective and available to everyone. For patients that means better care. For franchisees that means greater success.

Whether you are looking for a hands-on business or simply an opportunity to partner with licensed physicians, we know that The Practice can fulfill your dreams of owning a business.

Here are some key advantages to consider:

We have already figured it out! In reality, you could spend a lifetime attempting to create a new type of medical care facility limiting the need for insurance company involvement, with no guarantee of any success. But, by joining The Practice as a franchisee, you can take advantage of decades of experience and expertise, and confidently open the doors of your own business, providing direct pay primary care to your patients.

Most medical care franchises specialize in urgent or emergency care only. The initial start-up fees for an urgent care clinic, including equipment and leasehold improvements are extraordinarily high and cost-prohibitive for most owners. The Practice is a direct pay primary care clinic, focusing on preventative care and optimum health maintenance. This philosophy is more cost-effective in the long term, and is also far more effective in building life long relationships with your patients.

The tools and technology developed by The Practice makes the process of finding and recruiting top quality physicians and specialists simple and effective. Imagine the relentless toil of trying to create a system by yourself without depending on insurance companies and creating your own network of specialists. Trying to accomplish both would take a lifetime. Thankfully, we have already done it!

Flat fee, affordable, membership based healthcare means no insurance restraints. Most primary care facilities barely survive off of the dwindling payments from insurance companies. We have eliminated the hassles of dealing with insurance companies and all of the red tape associated with them. There is no longer a need to wait for insurance approvals, deal with undercut payments or hire a large administrative staff to handle billing.

Patients are no longer burdened by co-pays or overinflated deductibles. When patients are free to make appointments and “walk-in” without financial implications, that drives more traffic into the office. Our proprietary membership programs allow them unlimited access and they will not hesitate to get the care they need. This will translate into more opportunity for additional services. Plus, when patients are happy, they are more apt to give great word-of-mouth reviews of their experience with you. When was the last time you had that happen?

In our experience, doctors and staff become more effective and happier at their jobs. It has been proven that when the patient load is reduced, physicians become more effective and satisfied with their daily work. This also results in less medical errors and greater retention of staff.

If you currently own a medical office, converting your office into The Practice is a perfect choice! We have streamlined the process, making the transition simple, inexpensive and stress free for you, your staff and your clients.

Start the revolution to change the healthcare industry! Dr. Mensink has devoted his career to revolutionizing the way a healthcare facility should be run. It’s simple, it’s effective and it makes sound business sense.

There is so much to learn about how The Practice is a great franchise opportunity and a positive force in your community.

Want to be involved in something BIG like changing the paradigm of medical care? Call us now 1-877-976-2529.

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